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Vinnergi AB

Vinnergi strengthens the Telecom industry and develops tomorrow’s communication network, the foundation of the smart society. Together with the Real Estate industry, we create space for people by designing indoor environments that makes life healthier and contribute to sustainable results.

We help the energy industry to increase the capacity of the power grips, future-proof the electricity supply and to switch to renewable energy sources. At Vinnergi, we are convinced that the solution for a sustainable future is through technological innovation.

Today’s problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that once created them. That’s why we challenge the conventional and develop solutions from a point outside the traditional. But for us, the smart society is not only about technology itself, but about the human in the middle of it all. We believe in technology that creates benefits for everyone and want to develop solutions for a safe and sustainable future. At Vinnergi, we work in the future every day. We are a future integrator.